Cribbage Boards by Mitch

The Most Beautiful Wood HandCrafted Custom Cribbage Boards

About The Cribbage Boards

My boards are typically 4" wide, 16" long, and range from 1 1/2 to 1 3/4" thick. Each board has classic edging with the playing surface slightly elevated.

I hand select all the wood I use. The wood must have unique granular character and be rich in color.

The different woods I've chosen are all natural hard woods. What I mean by natural is that the color you see is the natural color of the wood itself. Some of the woods I was already familiar with and other woods inspired me because I never knew they existed. Stain never touches any of my boards!

The inlays give each board its own unique style because of the color combinations.

Mitch's Inspiration For The Boards

Cribbage was a family game as we grew up. I don't remember exactly when I started playing, but as the years went by, it became a passion between my Dad and I. We got together quite often and the game was always started by someone saying "Care to lose today?" and the game was on!!

The laughs were plentiful and I'll always cherish those memories, especially since my Dad passed away in March of 2000.

The following Christmas I gave each of my nephews - Mark Joe, Max, Austin & Taylor, a hand written IOU. I promised each of them a hand made custom wooden cribbage board.

A few months later I learned that Mark Joe had put his IOU in his parent's safe! I couldn't decide whether he cherished it or if he was going to use it as evidence to collect later on. It spurred me on.

The final result is a 1 1/2 year project from building a shop, designing the peg, and selecting quality woods. I put a lot of thought into the design and chasing for the perfect parts. I wanted to make something different, as well as unique and bold. A board that will last a family lifetime.

I wanted to share this game, which was great for us, with others. Have fun, share some laughs and cherish the memories. 

                          THIS IS  A TRIBUTE TO DAD


August 2002, MN State Fair
2nd place - Games where Wood is the Primary Source

It was the purple heart!


If you have an idea of a specific wood combination you would like, please email me just Click Here. I'll provide an estimate of approximately how long it will take and the cost. 


John - The peg makes the board!
Marlon - I've turned his garage into my production shop.
Beth - The bag completes the package and protects the fine woods of the board.

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